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Tengri is something beyond a form mark. It is an aggregate development that unites configuration, form, morals, business, ecological activism and individual customer decision to do great. Tengri knitwear is outlined and made in the UK, utilizing 100% normal and undyed Mongolian yak fleece. We plan to bring the exceptional characteristics of this fiber to the cutting edge of the mould business through practical, eco-accommodating and fair share business and try to enhance the lives and jobs of Mongolian migrant herders, while securing the nation’s wonderful and remarkable scene and fields.
The thought behind Tengri was brought about by Nancy Johnston when she was going with companions and remaining with herder families in Mongolia. Nancy ended up captivated by the sensitive and interlaced connection between individuals, creatures and the land, building up a more profound comprehension and regard for the bond between the herder families’ occupations, their yaks, and the Mongolian scene. Nancy found how the Khangai yak – an indigenous wild species found in the Khangai heaps of western Mongolia – could help protect this traveling lifestyle. These local creatures bolster biodiversity and help to anticipate arrive desertification by permitting plant species and natural life to recover and flourish. Utilizing her insight as a prepared foundational social labourer, Nancy kept in touch with her first strategy for success on the back of a chocolate wrapper in a faintly lit ger (yurt). Back in London, with unassuming reserve funds and the help of a broadened system of companions in form, plan, network improvement, showcasing, business and item advancement, Tengri was conceived.

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