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It is essential to continually improve our knowledge and practices as this enables the service to keep up to date and adapt to the changing needs to ensure we provide a relevant and appropriate service

It ensures that you deliver a good quality service meeting the needs of the service user and the service

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The department provides mandatory training also the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas necessary as personal development benefits not only the person but also the service, service user leading to better working practices

As a SRSW it part of my responsibility to ensure the staff are up to date in all mandatory training and any changes in legislation and standards.

Analyze potential barriers to professional development

There can be times where staff members are not open to change and development, this can be discussed during supervisions to find and remove any barriers involved.

This could be the fact they struggle with computers and the training is online.

Have trouble with spelling when writing

Personal commitments may make attending training away from the work place difficult.

It is important to take time to talk together in a quiet and private environment to give support and find a solution for the issue and move forward.

Compare the use and different sources and systems of support for professional development

There are various forms of informal support that are important for professional development

Appraisal is helpful for managers to assess performance against the department’s requirements and aims.
This can be done during your Personal Development Review which is held up to 3 times a year and should result in a personal development plan.

Staff meetings where discussion between staff can provide an opportunity to pass on and learn something new from other team members and the chance to reflect on your own knowledge and practices.

Buddy system when a new staff member starts I will often assign a “buddy” this is where the established member of staff can help support and encourage learning. This can help the established staff to impart their knowledge while assisting the new member of staff, who then can often give a new insight into ways of performing and developing.

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