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Rock Street, San Francisco

It is unimaginable how each year, since the beginning of high school, the plans I’ve created for myself have begun to change. Since I can remember I always planned to go to my then dream college, Ball State University and major in Medicine. Now I am about to graduate from my senior year and my plans have completely rotated.
Looking back, I never had a passion for being a doctor, I always saw the dollar signs. As I have grown in my maturity I have realized real happiness comes from pursuing your passions. Two goals for my future is to be happy and to be satisfied with the decisions I make for myself. I realize others have set their own expectations and goals for me; on the other hand trying to live up to par with society’s goals will never make me happy. I have to achieve my own goals and aspirations and live up to my own standards.
Aside from the goals mentioned above I have a wonderful passion to teach children and guide them through childhood. Starting in the fall of 2018 I will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and minoring in Reading at Oakland City University. My goals as a future educator are to always be an active listener with my students and to show them that I care about their education. Many times, I found in school that teachers do not care whether you are to fail or succeed. I think it is very important that students have the correct foundation set at a young age and to be shown that someone cares about their education.

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