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It not just contributes its benefit to the learner but also to the educator and education institute which can makes their job became easier. From a pedagogical perspective, blended learning claim to be the best aspects of face-to-face classroom learning experiences with the best of mobile and online learning experiences. This is because blended learning can contribute the development in education in relation with industrial 4.0 by increasing in learning outcome measures and lowering of attrition rates compared to fully online courses (Dziuban, Hartman & Moskal, 2004). First of all, its creates an opportunity for students to practice technology skills in navigating online course materials and creating their own digital content for assessment. The student can create their own material or tools of studies which makes them feel more comfort when they are learning.
An improvement in the learner-instructor and learner-learner interaction through the use of communication tools such as, webcam, discussion forums, blogs, comment and shared web content on the electronic whiteboard. The ability to reserve face-to-face time for interactive teaching activities, such as higher-level discussions, small group work, public speaking, debates, demonstrations, or lab activities. For students, the exits of blended learning include, flexibility and the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere which is very convenience to study. They can learn at their home and also if the student is on traveling to another country. Some level of control over the pacing of their learning. Difficult concepts can be reviewed as often as necessary. Students are more engaging content that they can create and use their own initiative, and networks to shape. It creates the opportunity to engage and draw on expertise that would otherwise not be available to them without costly travel, such as virtual conferencing with zoo/museum/galley staff or virtual excursions to overseas historical or culturally significant landmarks.

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