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Jiayan Fu
Professor Smith
Bright Reflection into the Darkness
The impact of the post-colonization makes lots of negative change on the island, the problem still lasts from last century until now. In “A Small Place” she argues the cause of the angry is not because of what do all the people have done to the country, it’s the inaction of people who don’t want to step in to help Antigua. People are more selfish to only care about what benefit they care like the tourist who only here on the island for fun, the English who was here for enjoyment, the government official here who now works for the foreigner. Kincaid herself too, she can’t do anything with it other than writing this down to share with the people who care. The overall argument in “A Small Place” is effective because Kincaid has neatly written every single detail to express that the selfishness inside people’s heart can grow bigger and bigger and it would never disappear.

At the beginning of chapter one, she focuses on the issue of the mind a tourist has when arrive in a new place wonder about how amazing the place is. It’s common sense and understandable. More and more evidence she mentions later to convince that foreigner walk in the country as a person who think themselves has some sort of priority instead of feels respect to the native who work hard every day for just to survive. Because the people who live outside the country didn’t’ t see the fact of what is the real life that Antiguan has. So, she walks in as tourist guide to show the two-side thinking which make the story being consider as a reliable source that can be trust by reader since she hasn’t take any situation yet. Suddenly she seems to be mad about the tourist without any reason. She throws as many as malicious words against the tourist to express the angry of the country must rely on the tourist also the potential owner during the post-colonization. But the end she calmly explains like nothing happen before, that tourist is equal as the natives, they are ugly when they wear the mask and try to see the world clearly without think about the blind zone. In other way, the natives are ugly too, they are judge the ugly tourist which made them look ugly as those tourists.

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