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Let us take care of our land
Land is the part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water. Land can be owned as property, and everything annexed to it, whether by nature or by the human hand. Another thing any legal interest held in the land. Land wasn’t created by human hand but it created by God.

Since we lives in earth we must take care of our land. We must reduce the pollution such as air pollution, ground pollution and water pollution. If we pollute the land that can lead to the mortality of the people. Air pollution can make the people to be sick, because people can breathe air that is polluted by chemicals. People can suffered in many diseases such as lung disease and another diseases that can cause by polluted air. Air pollution can cause acid rain and people can drink a polluted and die. Land pollution may lead to many storms of life such as global warming and another many storms of life. We need to take care of our land so that we will always safe from the storms of life.

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Carelessness of waste disposal can cause people to be ill, because there can be a bad smelling. It can cause people to be ill. We must ensure that we keep our land clean and safe, so that can not be sick. We must take care of our land so that we will be safe from the storms of life and having a long life expectance.

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