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Magazines has become an effective technique for health care marketing to expand to many different consumers. The health care profession constantly changes, so different publications help to enlighten buyers of conditions that may relate to them in some way. Magazines have been and still are used in numerous productions such as schools, gyms, and even local grocery stores to reach readers in any aspect of life. Magazines such as the Woman’s day Healthy and Happy edition in 2018 established creative ways to encourage their middle to older aged woman to purchase pharmaceuticals and health care products.
In this ad the brand Breo used pathos to appeal to the readers sense of emotion. The ad claims that Breo improves breathing in just 24 hours. This brand portray 4to be the missing piece in any treatment and assist with asthma that is not well controlled. They use a puzzle piece fitting perfectly into a finished puzzle to signal that Breo is the solution for many long term breathing problems. Despite the fact that Breo briefly stated that they help asthma patients they use evasion (red herring) to primarily sell the product. More than half of the page list conditions to what Breo should be used for. They have shifted the issue from the actual product to if you don’t use this product certain things will happen.

In the next ad seams to portray pathos as well. The ad uses
The last ad uses pathos to appeal to their readers. Psoriasis is a serious condition that affects many struggling with this problem. ” SEE ME” is located at the top of the page, because this ad speaks to mature customers that have a history of low confidence, low self-esteem as well as health issues from years of stress. older

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