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Martin Luther King Jr was well-known for doing the right thing even when many didn’t believe in him and someone that believed that fighting or violence was not going to solve problems like for example the way many black people were treated. King also believed that people should live in peace and that African Americans should be treated just as all of the other people. He also accomplished many things like for example being recognized for protesting in a nonviolent way or one of the most outstanding his “I Have a Dream” speech which moved many people. This speech was given in Washington DC where he himself and other very influential people at the time like Rosa Parks organized a march in which a lot of the people that were with Martin attended. Although some people argue that Martin Luther King’s Speech didn’t impact back then’s society in reality King’s speech brought attention to the African American civil right movement, it made folks understand the importance of nonviolent protests and it promoted equality not simply in the u. s. however everywhere the globe.

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