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Mathematics is the study of concepts that only exist in our heads. Are these concepts already in our heads then discovered by great mathematicians or are the great mathematicians creating these concepts? As long as you know that the question is still being debated by many people (both mathematicians and non-mathematicians) and arguably the question has entered the realm of Philosophy.

Well, I will answer this question, of course, in accordance with my understanding of mathematics. Is there math if humans don’t exist? Since ancient times, humans have debated fiercely whether mathematics was discovered or created. Because mathematics is very important also for the lives of humans. This is a puzzle about solving this mathematical science.

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Do we create mathematical concepts to help us understand the universe around us, or is mathematics the original language of the universe itself, which will still exist no matter whether we find the truth / error or not? This is a problem that has not been known by humans. Are numbers, polygons and equations really real or just an ethereal representation of some theoretical ideas?

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