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Media Violence has been around since media was created. Violence in the Media has a part of society since the days of creating technologies. Many years now, media has been a big part of our lives, almost everybody in the world is or has connected to it one way or another. Media has became one of the the most powerful weapons in the world, they control people, make them angry, happy, sad or even successful. But it’s really depends on the person, how they use it, whether or not they believe what social media says. Media violence and its negative impacts harm today’s youths. Teenager who are exposed to media violence will not be able to develop effective strategies and resort more happily to violence, which makes society a more dangerous.
An article ” DO VIOLENT MEDIA REALLY CAUSE ACTUAL VIOLENCE? ” by Howard Feinberg discusses whether media actually causes violence. In the article Feinberg says “While it’s quite possible that fixation on violent video games may herald problems of disturbed child, the average child probably just plays his games and grows up fine”. Author is trying to say, that some kids can take violent video games as of a true and real actions, which they can try that in real life, but other kids think, that video games that have violence it’s just a fiction not a reality.

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Another article that, I believe that proofs violent media and video games causes aggression on teens is ” Can a Video Game Lead to Murder? ” by Rebecca Leung. Author has a great example, that suggest violent media and video games causes violent behavior, which author says ” Multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed in Alabama against the makers and marketers of Grand Theft Auto, claiming that months of playing the game led a teenager to go on a rampage and kill three men, two of the police officers”. This is a another problem, that proves violent media and video games can make people take wrong actions, become psychic, hurt people and also put their life in danger. I believe, that teenagers who play video games or use social media that has violence can let the to violent behaviors, agressions and also put their parents in danger.
An average tennager who plays violent video game is likely to get anger issues, become violent or even attempt to try violent actions in reality. Playing video games can increase aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I believe that violent games can also desensitize people to seeing aggressive behavior and decrease prosocial behaviors like helping others and feeling empathy. A video game called ” Grand Theft Auto” which is my favorite game, I play this game,but my mind can’t be tricked, because I know that this is just a game and everything in it , its fantasy. But the game has a lot of violent scenes, blood and core, also bad languages. The problem of this game and other games, that they promote identification with aggression. In the game you are not a protagonist saving people and fighting with antagonists, you are a mafia guy killing people gunning down the police and good guys. Literally this game teaches you how to become a bad guy, by killing people robbing house, getting away from cops and make money

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more fast and dangerous. The game makes kids become addicted to the visual acts of the game, which has real graphics, that makes it seem like your hurting people in real life.
Media violence cannot be ignored, in fact, it is very hard. Because we all see the violence on television, in books, magazines, and newspapers, as well as hearing through the radio. Young adult novels are often found containing violence and its the part that you don’t have chance of ignoring the violence in medias. I believe that media is determined to grab the viewer’s attention. Some people watch television, because they want to know what is happening in the world, and some people watch, because they want to see the violence, that is happening in the world, which is fighting, shooting and action movies and more. I think entertainment violence leads to aggressive and violent behaviors, particularly in children. People who are exposed to media violence do not explicitly act aggressively, abnormal behaviors increase over time. I believe media violence causes legitimization of violence through desensitization, because people get used to violence, unconsciously and unwillingly, regardless of their moral values.
There are also a lot of problems having, too much violence in the music videos, I believe that music videos should not use violence, because music is something that people enjoy, relax and listen everyday more than twenty times. An article ” Music Videos promote Adolescent Aggression” by William J. Cromie analyzes, that violence in music videos are becoming more of a normal way of using violent acts in the videos. In the article William states ” White women compromised the largest group of music video victims.This finding indicates to the researchers that the videos may be perpetuating and reinforcing false stereotypes of aggressive black males and easily victimized white women”. The author point is that white women in violent music
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videos are more likely the victim and black males are the suspects that create the violent in music videos. I believe that music videos do have violents in it, but it depends what the artist is trying to tell by showing the video about violence. But violence in music videos can become more and more a useful process of getting people’s attention to watch and become violent people.
Violence has always been a discameble and visible part of the human experience and life. The violence is created by humans by making a video game that, has violent scenes, murder, rape and also sexual acts which makes a person play the game and repeat what is in the game. Children who play video games, that have violence are most likely to have aggressive thoughts, prosocial behaviors, angry mood and physiological arousal. All these aggression types are associated by playing, the game and learning bad habits and becoming a abnormal person. I just don’t understand, what game makers think, by creating violence with in the game, they know that all around the world many children play video games and their lives are in danger of becoming vicious people. But the problem of those kids who play video games that have violence it’s the neglect of their parents. The parents don’t pay attention, what their kids play or what they purchased from stores. There are a lot of video games, that have positive benefits and that they are creative and pro-social games with educational value, and also games that release stress and aggression in non destructive way.
Today’s world is full of technology and I think that there are many solutions of stopping violence or creating violence which harms a lot of youths. For video games , I think ratings and age restrictions should be more strict. Rating informs the buyer to know, what kind of game is being bought and what is in it, violence, drugs, sexual actions and many more.
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The parents should teach and show their kids and look at the ratings to see if it is appropriate for the teen to play it. This would help buyers to see if the game is allowed for a certain range of age. Video games store should refuse to to sell violent video games and also change rating age 18 to 25. Most video game employees in stores do not check if the buyers age appropriate for them or if the game is suitable for them. These leads to a problem, because playing video games has many negative effects such as addiction, obesity, poor social skills, aggressive behavior and sleep deprivation. But if the right actions are taken by limiting the game play by setting limits of time played on the console and checking the ratings that show the content of the game many negative consequence can be avoided and positive things can happen.

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