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Merriam Webster Dictionary states that a theory of communication is
“a theory that deals with the technology of the transmission of information
(as through the written word or a computer) between people, people and machines, or machines and machines.”

Argyle’s Theory
Argyles Theory is about how messages are sent, received and understood. This theory does not work in a group, it is a one on one conversation theory. It is a 6-stage theory;

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Stage one – Aim – What do you need?

Stage two – Compose/Encode – What you are going to say? Think about your approach.

Stage three – Transmit/Deliver – Carrying out the aim

Stage four – Receive Feedback – The other person receives the message – does not mean the person will understand what has been said or asked of them.

Stage five – Decode – The receiver may have understood already however some may not. If unsure the receiver may make a facial expression if unable to speak.

Stage six – Change/Improve – Clarify what you are asking the receiver. If still not understood then you change the words you use.

Tuckman’s Theory
This theory is about how groups communicate. It is a 4-stage theory;

Stage one – Forming – In this stage no one takes on a role and therefore there
is no real leadership, nor is there conflict.

Stage two – Storming – People start to take on roles. Decisions are still not made easily however you start to see coherence.

Stage three – Norming – Everyone is a lot more confident and start to agree.

Stage four – Performing – Everyone is more likely to speak up and there is a shared vision.
An example of Argyles Theory being used in a health and social care setting
You are a nurse

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