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My dedication to self-improvement in web design and development has inspired
me to study web at a university, where I hope to incorporate new ideas with my
own knowledge in a practical and beneficial way, as well as to add work to a
future portfolio. Over the course of my designing and developing, I have
identified several areas in which I struggled and have decided, in order to make
my transfer to university easier, to spend the next year focusing and developing
my knowledge in those areas by researching and experimenting with new ideas
to find a practise that is both practical and compliments my style.

Last year I successfully completed a BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design
(Interactive Media) which greatly helped me develop imagination and creativity.
Throughout this course we studied a wide range of design techniques that I
would like to build upon, as well as development techniques that could be used
specifically for website creation. While working on website design and
development I was taught numerous techniques such as compressing images for
the web with Adobe Photoshop. This helped me significantly at the time as I was
working on an image heavy website and I still continue to compress images to
this day. I was also taught how to use Adobe Dreamweaver due to the many
features that the program has to offer such as the drag and drop functionality,
file management system and easy FTP upload. Although I enjoyed using the
program for the more intricate projects, I still enjoy the challenge and mental
stimulation that hand coding provides.

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