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My personal writing process is probably somewhat similar to what the standard writing process does, because i have been taught to organize like the standard writing. I have my writing process broken down almost like the standard writing process. First, I do research and gather information if research is necessary to the paper’s topic. After that i would start a rough draft and write what i feel like is appropriate. Next, I’ll do the actual writing of the paper and describe each topic in more detail. The last step is to, revise and edit any errors i might have. Each step is important in order to make my writing acceptable. The standard writing process can take up to thirteen steps I usually take five steps.
I begin the process of writing by thinking about the topic. This may include brainstorming and collecting data to expand my knowledge of the subject. When I brainstorm I get a paper and pencil and write down any ideas that come to mind. I then develop thoughts into a list of more complete ideas or points. After gathering my thoughts, I begin to think about the paper’s layout. I try to comprehend my audience and what I want them to read my paper and never let go. Depending on the topic of an essay, I choose a layout that helps me arrange my ideas. After organizing my ideass and developing an understanding of the paper, I write a thesis statement, which acts as the topic of my paper. I then begin to make my list of points and thesis statement into a more organized outline.
Then, I would now have all of my ideas on my paper. I would start with the introduction of my paper. In a few paragraphs, I would introduce to the reader what I will be writing about. I would arrange the paragraphs in order to stay on topic. The paragraphs would be my next general topics for an essay. Then I would summarize a little about what I would be discussing in each of the paragraph. This will give the reader an idea of what to expect.
After I have my introduction done, I would continue to write about the first topic mentioned in the introduction. I would tell about each topic in the order I mentioned them in the paper. It helps the reader to stay organized with the paper and it also helps me to follow my paper better. If I want to look at what I wrote for one specific paragraph, I would refer to the introduction and see where it came. Then, I would find it below in the paper. Each paragraph would be specifically connected to the topic.

After I have all of the topics mentioned and talked about, I would read over my paper that I have written. I would check for mistakes, grammar issues, sentence fluency, and other things that would make, or break the paper. After I have what I think is right, I’d give my paper to someone else that I know is good at revisions, and I would have them give me there opinion. Most of the time, I would take their advice because I am not sure on things. I would also think to myself again to see if I missed anything that I wanted mentioned in my paper. I may or may not have more changes to make. If I do, I’d go through the paper and fix them. Then I’d read it through again, just to double check it. I think that this is a good process in writing a paper. It has helped me, so I think I will continue to do it in the future.

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