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My professional background and current work as General Manager and Mobile Based Weather Advisory System develop and implement for Agricultural Office Stakeholders in Africa within my Owen company Info World Link PLC for the past 7 years until now as Information Technology professional I develop and implement innovative, new effective and efficient Weather Advisory System for Agricultural officer which help early Weather and Climate advice.

I chose this work to solve a lot of real-time problems to assess early climate warnings and create integrated communications strategies that support the value proposition for climate information and weather forecasts advisory system for Africa Agriculture officer.

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The most important of the quality leader is the creativity and innovation power and intellect behind in the organizations. The leader must visionaries charged, creating lasting relationships, learning agility and team building and promoting teamwork with steering toward the seize opportunities and how to rally employees to work hard their company’s goals and objective.

I am use learning agility, team building, teamwork and managing complexity to be problem solves by making decisions under rapidly shifting situation before any definitive information is available and take appropriate courses of action by team building and agility method of solve problem in the organization.

To work with Agile Methodology and teamwork strategies I use to make the situation clear understanding and make knowledge sharing and learning. The Agile methodology help to process team provides quick and feedback they receive on their project this strategy creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during Fellowship and Teams assess the in iterations different opinions worldview.

Lesson learned weather and climate vary time to time, Soil type varies places to places, Collection of weather data from the large area of places and uncertain by climate variability and change to solve this problem must in need working together as time building and Innovation work to solve problems.

As Professional development and strong leader, I learn from my mistakes and challenges face getting a clear message about which of my efforts are working and which are no. The feedback I get from my mistake can be most specific, pointed, and powerful feedback I’ll ever get to trace recurring patterns of belief things I do and think over again change better work.

I lesson learned in my current work for how can I use this experience, what will I do differently next time, how will I be different in the future to achieve and invites solutions and also to be more to take responsibility, integrity and inspire others in my work.

The current problem and challenge in my community there is not real time Mobile Based Weather Advisory System for Agricultural Stakeholders because of this they face the problem

I will take the following steps to take the addressed problem.
A. Presents the background of the study and identify the problem.
B. Focuses on materials and methods that incorporate data collection procedure, data collection instruments, Design of the Instruments and summery.
C. Focuses on the intervention of the action, requirement specification, application domain, use case diagram, dynamic model, statechart diagram, proposed software architecture, and Mobile Based Weather Advisory System enables and functionalities.
D. Focuses on Evaluation the first version implemented Mobile Based Weather Advisory System on agriculture sector organization, Specifying learning anticipated and unanticipated result during evaluation time and discussion
E. Develop and Implement Weather Advisory System for Agriculture officer

I hope I will get better skills and knowledge to building teamwork, agile methodology, fast and effective project implantation.

I will use those skills and knowledge to adapt, develop and implement improved appropriate tools are critical importance to better translating raw climate data into usable and accessible information by all stakeholders and particularly by farmers for improved decisions. By translating climate information into actionable climate knowledge, an innovative decision support system comprising of Mobile-Based Weather Advisory System tool that can facilitate farmers and extension personnel to better understand climate variability and associated risks. Further, this tool addresses a range of climate-sensitive decisions for the best agronomic management practices within the next 3 – 5 years.

My goals for development experience My long-term goals to develop and implement innovative and new Mobile Based Weather Advisory System for Agricultural Stakeholders in Africa to solve the problem of weather and climate early warning for framer productivity and looking past experience how to solve the problem in U.S. organization by knowledge sharing for my home country and Africa.

I am Software and Database developer professional graduate M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, Sri Sai College, October 11, 2013, to July 25, 2015. Make a research on “Mobile Based Weather Advisory System for Agricultural Stakeholders: In the case of Debre Libanos Woreda Agricultural Office” currently I am working in Info World Link PLC as General Manager, Software and Database Developer.

My long-term goals and aspirations to develop and implement innovative Mobile Based Weather Advisory System for Agricultural Stakeholders in Africa.

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