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My professional interests has allowed me to upgrade and progress my personal and career development based on my preceding activities which made it more challenging. I’m currently completing my NCFE CACHE Technical Level 3 Diploma in Children and Education in order for me to complete Early Childhood Studies BA Honours at university. I became interested in Literacy (L) which helped me encourage the children to develop their communication skills by expressing themselves and communicating in various ways which includes verbal and non verbal communication. This enables the children to speak and communicate by interacting with their peers and to practice speaking using the words that they’re learning and linking their sentences together.

I have been given many development opportunities to help me become better with my role as a nursery assistant. I have planned activities which have helped the children develop all their needs. I’ve been a part of meetings where I have made different contributions and shared my ideas with others. Planning has also helped me to balance both indoor and outdoor activities in order to look at what areas of development each child have to improve in. I have been involved in my settings meetings which has allowed me to share my ideas and thoughts amongst my colleagues and talking about what improvements should be made for the setting. I have also done risk assessments along with my manager and this gave me a better understanding on how the children , my colleagues and parents / carers are protected .

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For my learning needs what I need to improve on is to control the children in class when they are being noisy by counting down from 5, with the children knowing that they are expected to be silent by the time I get to 1. This is a better way to gain the children’s attention because it encourages the children to sit quietly and listen instead of shouting for their attention. I also give them tasks or activities to do regularly before they do anything else. This helps them focus on their learning and development and also to meet their needs .

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