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Section A

Dominant: The dominant in this frame is Marie Antoinette, the woman on the left. The eye is immediately attracted to her because she is wearing bright colors (white and pink) which draw the attention of the viewer onto her and since the lighting is much brighter on her side than the lady wearing black clothes it makes her the dominant person in the frame also she takes a more space in the frame.

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Lighting Key: High key lighting. The frame is free from dark shadows, everything is clear and the image is bright.

Shot and camera proxemics: Long shot / Medium-long shot. The dominant’s body is visible (head to toe) in the frame, also the surroundings are also visible.

Angle: Eye-level shot. The dominant is seated and the lady in black dress in on knees, the camera is placed as though the characters are seated in the same room. The cakes are fully visible in the image.

Color values: The image has contrasting bright colors; the dominant is dressed in pink and white dress. The other lady is wearing a black dress with a bit of white. The background is bit blueish with a bit of white color and the cakes are pink.

Lens/filter/stock: Wide-angle lens, there is a sense of depth in the image. The stock is slow since the quality of the image is high. The image is clear, there is no filter used.

Subsidiary contrasts: The subsidiary contrasts are the cakes, the lady in black dress, the dominant’s shoe.

Density: The texture is moderate, there are small spaces between the characters and the cakes, it is not too much packed.
Composition: Triangular composition. The cakes on the background are facing the characters, the characters are facing each other even though the dominant’s head is slightly up, but her legs gazes towards the lady in black dress. The dominant’s left arm gazes towards the cakes while the other lady’s right elbow gazes towards the cakes.

Form: The form of this image seems closed as it seems bit composed. All the necessary information is captured in the image, we don’t need any external evidence or information to understand the image.

Framing: The framing is tight. The characters are placed at the edges of the frame, there is little space available for them to move around. The dominant has bit of freedom although the image remains tightly framed.

Depth: The image is composed of three depth planes. The dominants and the other lady in the foreground, and the cakes in the background.

Character Placement: There are two characters in the image, both positioned in the foreground. The dominant is positioned on the left of the frame and the other lady on her knees is positioned on the right of the frame.
Staging positions: Both characters are placed at the edges of the frame. The staging is bit profile, the characters seems to be unaware that they are being observed, both they are in their thoughts, especially the dominant she even closed her eyes.

Character Proxemics: The distance between Marie and the other lady between them is personal. There is no exclusion between them.

Section B
The costumes, color scheme, setting all suggest that the scene is bit romantic. The camera is close to the characters, this is done to give the viewer the sensation or feeling of what is going on in the image. Lots of cakes can be seen in the image, which suggests that there is a ceremony about to happen and everything is well prepared. The dominant is shown relaxed and seated, this tells the viewer that this ceremony being prepared might be hers. The dominant might be seen as a bride since her dress is associated with wedding and it’s more like a bride’s costume. The lady wearing black clothes is seemed to be a maid since her costume is more likely associated with domestic workers and by being shown in the frame helping Marie to wear her shoes it tells us that she is working for Marie. The image is taken from an eye level shot this is done to show the dramatic power the dominant has and to show a sense of realism and engage the viewers. The dominant is dressed in bright colors (pink and white) this symbolize a sense of pride, dignity, respect, and with the presence of pink suggest that the scene is bit romantic. The other lady is wearing a black dress with a bit of white, this tells the viewer that she is not in the same level with Marie, financially and with the standard of living. The placement of the characters doesn’t really symbolize anything, but what we can notice is that the dominant is the one in power since she is the one seated, relaxed and a larger space in the frame.

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