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Name(s): Mxolisi Rollen
Surname: Mangena
Student Number: 30682614
Module: ENGV_121_ODL_2018
Due date: 29 July 2018
Question 2: After The Snow
Willow: I personally think Willow proves his moral values in the quest for survival when he returns to save Mary and her brother even though he knows he is risking his own life in the process.

Mary: Mary proves her moral values in the quest for survival when she takes care of her dying brother of which she could have left in order to better her chance if survival.

Robin Blake: He was selfless and risked his own life for the survival of the people that the government took advantage of. His real name was John Blovyn, he wrote a book that “stragglers” (people who stayed in the mountains) had. The book was called in Search of an gave directions to stragglers on where to go when the Ship that will take them to China where it was much warmer. The government, who saw John Blovyn as a threat, killed him so the government could maintain their power over the people.

“Everyone got taken away cos I seen tracks in the snow. They all gone. Dad gone. Magda gone. The others gone. But I don’t know why. Tell me, dog—what am I gonna do?”. It is written from Willo’s perspective in a caveman-like dialect.

“I find the dog in the heather one winter. Cold and dead. He been a big old black dog. Fur getting mangy. But one time he been leader of the Rhinogs pack cos I seen him enough times out on the hill. I bleach his bones out on a rock behind the house. Summer come and the skull just sitting there washed out and white, teeth still holding in his powerful jaw. Talking to me somehow. That’s when I know he been my dog.” Willo’s description of the dog is too vivid and has many unnecessary descriptions e.g. telling us where he bleached the dog’s bones.

“That’s the kind of thing people always thinking. They always got to see some sort of scary thing in everything.” We are able to see that Willo’s subject verb agreement is really bad.

Willo did not go to school instead he was taught by Margda and besides that Willo is not intrested in school at all he is more interested in hunting and the outdoors.

“The snow blast at me in great sweeping drafts—it sting in my eyes and get down my coat and the whole thing get to be a proper fight. I shout pretty hard at the wind and the snow and myself too for not making that tent good and strong. If you don’t get angry sometimes you’re gonna get trodden on or swallowed up or just plain washed over”. I chose this because Willo gives us an image and description of how bad and cold the snow is which makes me sympathize with him more.

Question 3: Watching
He classifies her because she is an uneducated and she was lacking good manners, refinement, and grace.

It’s not what you say but how you say it that matters most in the world we live in today. Whether we like it or not we all have an accent. An accent is defined as a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class. With that said we know that accents come with stereotypes with regards to your ethnicity and most of the time your race. Accents play a major role on how people perceive you for example, having a ”coloured” accent in South Africa you are instinctively classified and categorized as being violent and I personally think that this not a fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral values.

South Africa is a diverse country with 11n official languages of which many South Africans are able to understand and in most cases, speak. With such a variety of languages we as South Africans have developed accents that are a combination of all these languages for example there are accents made up of the Afrikaans dialect and English dialect and some accents made from the Afrikaans and Zulu dialect commonly known as Tsotsi tal.

a fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral valuesa fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral valuesa fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral valuesa fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral valuesa fair evaluation of character/upbringing/moral values

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