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American Cruise Line Company
1.0 Introduction
The company research paper will address American Cruise Line Company which is located in Guilford, USA. It is well known in offering paddles-steamer cruises and coastal cruises. A cruise line is an industry that deals with market cruises and cruise ships to the public (Bonilla et al., 150). Cruise line is known for their dual character where they are involved in the leisure entertainment and partly in the transportation business. Due to consolidation and mergers, a cruise line can also be a brand of large Holding Corporation (Kolberg 16). American Cruise Line Company consists of a list of ships sales, making new orders and organizing for transfer of services from one destination to another. The company operates in accordance with the laid ethics and principles to ensure there is good management of the staff and non-staff members.

1.2 Corporate offices of American cruise line company
The corporate offices are located in the USA Guilford, Connecticut and services are offered from here to the rest of the world.The American cruise line company can be contacted through:
Postal code address,
748 Boston Post Road
Suite 199
Guilford. CT 05488
United States
Phone: 201-588-5899
Fax: 201-420-7134
Website: www.americancruiseline.comThe company is organized hierarchically from the top most corporate manager to the operating manager to ensure the leadership is effectively managed (Bonilla et al., 159). The following consist of the key Executives for American cruises lines; Inc. Mr. Charles A. Robertson is ranked the most senior corporate manager who serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chairman of the Board and president of the American cruise line company. Susan Renner is another executive member who serves in the company as the treasurer. H. Anthony Severn serves as the secretary and vice-president. Mr. Timothy Beebe serves as the vice president while Paul Taiclet serves as the coordinator of the hotel operations in the American cruise lone company.
1.3 American cruise line company ownership
American cruise Line Company is private company which offers services to the public from different parts of the world. The company operates under stock market which enables it to understand the share it is supposed to buy in order to make profit. Inventors in the American cruise line company are careful to be part of the wealth creation process(Kolberg 13). The stock market of this company are propelling engines in the USA to ensure the economy rises up. American cruise Line Companyoperates using preferred and common stocks depending on its size. Promised dividend payments are the key differences between preferred and common stocks. Therefore, American cruise line is a public company that is under preferred and common stocks.
Stock market symbol is a series of letters which are unique and assigned to a privacy of trading purposes(Park et al., 892). The stock symbol of the American cruise line company is ACLC, which serves as hardware division, business service and focuses on storage, servers, networking and security. The current stock price that can also be termed as market value is the price which the goods in current are being sold with in the market. Similar to the market price is the price which is determined by sellers and buyers in an open market.

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1.4 Brief history of the American cruise line company
An American Cruise line was founded in the year 1991 and is based on Guilford, Connecticut in United States. It was founded with the objective of providing riverboat cruises and small ships along the rivers in the United States. The company gives river cruises on the Southeast United States, Mississippi, the Northeast United States, pacific Northeast and Alaska. The company deals with small cruise ships and paddle wheelers to provide travel and accommodation services to different travellers including one traveller.
1.5 Hospitality in the American Cruise line company
The company ensures hospitality through giving the best services in offering accommodation and travelling services to the customers. When the company practices hospitality in offering the services, it achieves competitive advantage over the rest of similar companies. Hospitality will enable direct operation and facility maintenance of the company due to good interaction of the managers and the staff members. Industries with hospitality usually grow very fast and contribute 10% of the World’s GDP. American cruise line company can expand very fast if it applies hospitality. In American cruise Line Company, hospitality is built at national, global and regional levels to ensure services from the company arrives to the customers efficiently. Therefore, hospitality sector is very essential component of the American cruise line company to ensure it offers its services effectively.
1.6 Competitors of American cruise line company
Being a private company, American cruise Line Company faces stiff competition from other companies offering similar services. Some of its main competitors are MSC Mediterranean shipping company, Royal Caribbean cruises Ltd. and Norwegian Cruise Line Holding ltd(Kolberg 16). These companies have been challenging the American companies through offering goods which are almost similar. In addition, this company is working day and night to ensure it overcomes the challenge through producing more quality serves which attract more customers. The company is trying very hard to maintain its competitive advantage to ensure it do not lose some of its customers top its main competitors mentioned above. American cruise Line Company is trying to come up with better strategies and identifies good business trends which will equip it with tactics to outweigh its competitors and accrue profits. Every business usually operates under competition and it is advisable for the American Cruise Line company to cope up with such challenges by ensuring it remains competitive to its main competitors (Ryschka et al., 205). The American cruise line company can as ell venture through identifying new opportunities that exist in the markets to avoid offering similar products from its competitors.
1.7 Current trends in the American Cruise Line company
American Cruise line company needs to utilize all the business trends in order to predict its future. The company is taking gradual change in an output, condition, processes, average and general tendency of the data points to move towards a certain direction over time. The direction of the company can be represented in a curve or line on a graph.
American cruise Line Company is aware of what is currently happening and still predicts what might happen in the future. For any business to progress well, it should be able to understand immediate effects of a certain action which it is going to take to make sure it works efficiently to accrue profits and evade losses. There should be a good business trend which should enable a business to understand its present, past and future state. Furthermore, before investing in the stock market, you should be aware that the trend of the market has been one of the rapid fluctuation and high volatility.
The American cruise line company has taken another trend of business exhibition whereby it has taken a new strategy of advertising its services to the customers. The company advertises its goods to make sure their services are all over known in the world(Park et al., 890). The company can also predict its future by using record of sales or services it has offered to its customers in order to know the state in which it will be in next years to come. Another trend can be developing a winning strategy.

1.8 Describing the financial position of the American Cruise Line company
Company’s financial position for future, present and past can be assessed using its liability and assets. The financial position of a company can also include shareholder equity. It is very important for a company to detect its past financial position in order to predict its present and future progress. Financial statements are very important for business of any size. They usually act as financial tool and scorecard for future planning (Dion, Delphine & Stéphane 72). Financial statement analysis is an evaluation strategy that uses the current, the past and projected performance of a company. Financial statement analysis can be used to understand the position American cruise line company and assess its performance. The financial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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