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NGS often know as high throughput sequencing usually to define other modern techniques like illumina sequencing, roche454 seq., proton seq. & solid seq. these methods are advance and help us to sequence DNA& RNA in short time in low budget than sanger sequencing thus making study of genomics & molecular biology easy. The working of NGS is same as Capillary Electrophoresis (CE), where mechanism related working is similar such as , the fragments emitted signals and at time of resynthesizes of DNA template strand takes place ,in NGS coupling of DNA synthesis is mandatory however it does not limit itself to single DNA fragments and same process undergoes massive reactions in parallel fashion due to which large base pairs are sequenced in single run of sequencing.
In sequencing there are steps in series like –
Fractioning and sizing
Template preparation
Lots of data can be obtained through NGS for specific area of interests for variety of species.

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