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Once I was having a conversation about the Shia’s and Sunni beliefs with my friend. It was an all conversation for knowledge about the major differences in the beliefs of the two communities. We were discussing that how the conflicts have arose so much these days and how some leaders were materializing this conflict for their own sake. We were unaware that one of the Shia friend was sitting nearby us. In that conversation we reached at the topic of respect for the all companions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), which, nowadays, is not present in Shia’s and that is the major reason that Sunni’s hate them. We began to criticize the Shia’s community.
That one point proved to be the hot button for her. She considered that we are being pointing her and as a result she became aggressive. She lost her temper and started shouting at us. For a moment, we were unable to understand what happened to her, why was she talking to us in such an offensive tone? When she talked to us that you have no right to judge and make humor of other people beliefs we came to know about the whole situation. She had misunderstood our conversation. We tried the best at our level to calm her and resolve the misunderstanding but she was not listening to us.
She took a complaint to our Batch advisor. The batch advisor called us at her office. Both of us were asked to give our stance. We quoted the whole incident to her. She clarified to that girl that you were being furious for no matter. Our advisor then told us about the incidents from the life of our Holy Prophet about the humor that was made of him but he forgave even his worst enemy when they accepted Islam. We were feeling very sorry that unintentionally we hurt the feelings of our fellow. She apologized for her behavior with us. We apologized her for hurting her

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