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One of the reasons of choosing this article is because I am a lefty too. I can say that we left handed people have many more problems than the right handed people. The French word for left is “gauche”, this word also describes a clumsy person. The word “right” has been associated with good and correct in words such as “righteous”. As a lefty, I am very clumsy at times but I believe that I do excel in some things. I also believed that left-handedness is not hereditary because both of my parents aren’t left-handed. In this article, Lefties are very special because they are only 10 percent of the population. During my childhood days, I tried to use my right hand in doing things but sadly, I cannot do it. Being a lefty is the introduction to a lifetime of wrestling with ring-binders, scissors, and even in playing sports. But being a lefty is not that bad. And based on my research, left-handed people are smarter than the right-handed people. Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci were both left-handed. The US President, Barack Obama is also a lefty.

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