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Our employees are paid £8 an hour, they also get a promotion depending on the amount of time they have been working for us, for example if a general employee has been working with us for a couple of years and we think they deserve a promotion, we will increase their salary and position from a employee to a manager or a supervisor.
We take pride in ensuring we provide the best customer service, currently we have over 185,000 colleagues , these employees have made our business a success over the years.
We expect our employees to provide hospitality and portray our business in a positive manner in order to boost our reputation even more.
Meet Reg Buttress who has been working for 36 years at Sainsbury’s and is known as ‘Britain’s oldest supermarket worker’. He is preparing to retire at 95 years old and is said that he enjoyed every minute of his 36 years of service
Why work for us?
With over 20 years of experience we have been providing jobs and services to many people in need of employment this has helped make our business successful as we have a strong and experienced workforce.
Up until the year 2017 there has been 13,000 loyal employees who have been working over 20 years.
other great opportunities for their hard work and contribution to the business.
This is done by:
-Giving extra money to employees when the manager feels as though they are eligible due to the work and efforts shown
-Paying for their holiday which is our way of saying thank you for assisting in making our business successful
-Provides employees with experience which is useful for future jobs/employment
-Employees will receive good wages depending on their roles and efforts towards their job
-Exciting place to work as it gives employees the chance to express their talent and creativity
-They are enabled to work in a positive environment, our team is passionate about making our customers feel as Our employees are the heart of our business as they help us build a strong work force and relationships with customers. This is done by supporting customers when purchasing products and providing the help when required.
In addition to this as employees you have a responsibility to guide us when making significant decisions that can affect the company.

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