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Principles of customer service
The principles of customer service may vary, due to the different types of approach and methods different organisations portray for effective customer satisfaction. However, here are seven (7) customer service principles that can help an organisation transform its support operations and deliver the best experience to customers every time.
• Supporting customers as a team- likewise most sports, customer service is also considered a team-sport. Training every employee on your Customer service index CSI or helpdesk software to help ensure they all pitch in when necessary. However, highly technical cases would be passed down to the experts, but everyone should be able to help in their own ways when times get busy.
• Listening to customers as well as sharing their feedback- encouraging service agents to ask customers relevant questions relating to the business or product offers; their needs, wants and expectations. By doing this, the agent becomes more of an asset to both the organisation and customer. Moreover, evaluating their needs & feedbacks can also be an enticing ‘source of good product innovation’ – bettering old products as well as catering for new customers’ needs and product expectations.
• Not being a Robot (high range of flexibility)- today, majority of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent, neither would they want to talk to a robot. Henceforth, show your customers you aren’t a machine. Aspiring staffs adding personalities to their customer-sent-mails, or filling the quite time when fetching an account information for a customer. E.g. asking them how the weather is, or what their favourite sports teams are – or anything that could be

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