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Public health enables one to work in different fields that center on community’s health in general, and it tackles populational health issues rather than individual ones (it revolves around enhancing the overall health of the community, not just individuals). Such fields are spread all over the world, and one can work for different governmental and non-governmental organizations that raise public health awareness campaigns, conferences, and research for the purpose of enhancing communities’ health and well-being. In addition, being a public health worker would, directly and indirectly, influence the health and well-being of societies and the public in general. Direct influence on people’s health would be through direct communication and contact with the public by holding health awareness campaigns, conferences, and site visits to schools, and camps for example. Indirect influence on people’s health would lie in doing research on ways to improve the health of the societies, and working on health policies to be implanted in healthcare institutions or for the public to follow etc.… All these reasons play as important factors in choosing public health as a graduate study program.
Public health management and policy is an important concentration in public health as the rest are. However, the mentioned concentration is more of an interest to me than the others because it focuses on managing the different aspects of health systems, and applying policies which are both considered the core for enhancing the health of the public communities as a critical and detrimental step. Managing health systems of the varying types of healthcare organizations centers on managing the different aspects of health systems including human resources, financial resources, health care processes, and outcomes etc.…, and such deep and thorough management of the health systems would likely result in enhancement of health care outcomes and facilitates the health of the public. In addition, by applying the necessary policies needed for facilitating the health of people; healthcare processes, management, and outcomes would be improved.
Plenty of new diseases are daily developing and many infectious diseases are rapidly spreading due to the wrongful acts/behaviors, and insufficient awareness among people concerning such health issues. Therefore, working in public health would open the gate for many job opportunities, and through them, the chances for improving the health and well-being of the societies would become possible. Having a career in public health will enable me to meet such important objectives by controlling the management of the healthcare systems and applying policies in healthcare organizations for facilitating the overall well-being of people.

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