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Puto is derived from the Malay word putu, which literally means ” portioned ” and the portioned is ( a part of something that is shared with other people) or ( the amount of food that is served a person at one time) is a steamed rice cake popular all over the country. It can be eaten as a merienda a light meal or snack especially in the afternoon , but can also be eaten for breakfast with coffee or hot chocolate and milk.
Puto has been commonly served in any occasions throughout the Philippines. It is the Filipino term for ” rice cake ” and is cook by steaming. This steamed rice cake is traditionally white in color and round can it also greatly in size. Puto is a most common delicacies here in the Philippines, it has many similarity of taste, looks and their shape, and it depend on its class, some Puto are big, some of them are small, but it depends on how it is made by flour.
Certain towns of the Philippines, most notably Binan City laguna, Valenzuela City, Calasiao, Pangasinan and Tarlac, have excelled in the production and marketing of their particular style of Puto that their names are used to different the variation or delicacies like Puto pulo – it is made from grinded rice, mix with water and some sugar and condensed milk. There are two types of Puto the original and assorted, is just compose of food coloring, but it is the same taste of the original the different is only the color. Puto popo- just like Puto pao, it is grinded rice lots of eggs, mixed with water and also be topped with cheese .
By adding local ingredients like ube (purple yam) or pandan slightly change the color of the humble puto, but this will required more work and a revision of the recipe. The best way to have flavored puto is to use essence which are also tinted to the color relative to the flavor like green puto and an ube essence gives you a light purple puto, and of course adding food coloring, but still keep the original flavor. The original puto that is made of galapong (soaked ground rice), but there are now many similarity of this recipe ranging from the type of rice, will also found that different regions in the Philippine cook puto in varied ways, some secrets that the puto so delicious and the softness is big smile.
Sweet corn the term ( maize) was derived from Spanish word taino, meaning mahiz for plant. Sweet corn became a popular vegetable which is a sweet version of maize. Maize or corn (Zea mays L) is the principal cereal crop cultivated in tropical countries of the world. Maize is a crop high economic value. The grains are used as human food, to produce different food and beverages. Different varieties are available, some have white kernels and others have a mix of yellow and white kernels. Varieties differ in sweetness, and recently super-sweet varieties have become available. Sweet corn is delicious, healthy and many people off including it in their diet. It is actually a great option for those wanting to improve their health. Corn is attractive consumer vegetable which is highly sugar content and shouldn’t have it is naturally low in carbohydrates and its also low calories.
So will come up on making puto it in different amount of sweet corn. What will be the taste and color if the sweet corn combined in plain puto? In dealing this study, researchers is focus on how the consumer preference accept the new flavored puto and also focus on the good benefit of puto. No research study was found here in the Tarlac Province or even in the Region which focused on consumer preference between unflavored and flavored sweet corn. No data yet support any answer to the question? Does different amount of sweet corn in terms of consumer preference.

The color and flavor of rice cake with sweet corn (Zea Mays Var.) is more prefered by the consumers than unflavored/plain rice cake.

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Statement of the Problem
The general objectives of the study is to determine the consumers preference on
the sweet corn (Zea Mays Var.) flavored rice cake. It specifically aimed to answer the following questions:
1.What are the consumer’s preference on the unflavored and flavored (Zea Mays Var.) rice cake in term of:
2.Is there a significant difference between the flavored rice cake and plain rice cake?
3.Is there a significant difference between the flavored rice cake with different amount of sweet corn in terms of consumers preference?

Significance of the Study
This study will making and selling Puto is a hit business opportunity in the Philippines, it is a favorite snack to both young and old.
Filipino perception and attitudes towards Filipinos delicacies. This study will influence on what are the consumer preference on the unflavored and flavored rice cake (Puto) are most favorable by Filipino. The children – the study could help the children what the best delicacies they will eaten. The investors – they will be aware about the puto with sweet corn. The study would benefit and help the future researcher as the guides or resource for studies related for it. The study can help that the puto vendors can recommend our products in the markets. They can produce more rice flour for our ingredients. This study will provide new ideas how the market accept the flavored puto.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
This study will focus on how the consumer preference accept the new flavored puto (rice cake) and also focus on the good benefits of puto. It also involves the choosing of the plain puto and flavored puto, focus on the impact of accepting the new flavored of puto on the market.

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