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Radiography to me is an exceptional combination of technology, science, and healthcare. I am intrigued by the advances in medicine and have a passion for combining my scientific flare with helping make a difference to individual’s life. I have read books like “Clark’s positioning in radiography” which gave the basic principles of radiography and digital technology. This was very useful as it provided me with an overview of the course. After looking at the modules covered such as “imaging modalities in practice” I can see that this course will equip me with a more depth knowledge and understanding of the practice of safe and professional use of technical equipment along with the study of the body`s cellular structure, anatomy and physiology. It also covers the physical principles and clinical applications of computed tomography. I am very keen about studying this course hence why I watch lots of videos online about what it has to offer as well as others talk about their experience which has really motivated and enhanced my view towards radiography.

I had visited a career fair in Leeds where I spoke to numerous representatives about the courses offered. I was fascinated when they had told me about the course in Diagnostic Radiography, as it links well to the options I have picked for Btec (Health and Social, Applied Science, and IT). What interested me most about this was the idea that it is a practice of using various forms of radiation to produce high-quality images which are used in the treatment of injury and disease. I was amazed by the works of this and began to take a deep interest.

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My academic studies of health and social care have taught me how to work within certain environments, therefore, I know what’s appropriate within the workspace. I have gained my first aid work certificate where I was assessed while given CPR training. The practical benefits of this course are that I am aware of what action to take in emergency cases where an immediate response is needed. I have developed the knowledge and skills needed to work in critical situations without any fear or hesitation like being able to control blood flow and do bandages.

Radiography courses are very vocational and approximately fifty percent of the time is spent in practical clinical training. This approach to learning is serviceable, as the early work placements will prepare for the working life but also equip me with knowledge and understanding of the use of the advanced method of treatment. It will accommodate training within the NHS which is an unremarkable opportunity I cannot miss. The course is not just about the use of technical equipment but further looks at the well-being and safety of people. The idea that you must understand how to liaise/talk, empathise and comfort people. These skills I had picked up from my prior experience of babysitting, where I was given the responsibility of looking after a range of people from ages 1-15. I had learnt to transfer my skills, knowledge and accustom myself to work with the different types of people.

The importance of dedication is not a new concept for me. Throughout my years of studying, I have developed an independent, self-reliant approach to learning, from lessons where the teacher was absent and i had to work by myself. I believe I have the capabilities, skills, attitude, and interest to succeed through my study at college. I am very passionate about working in such high-level education and consider that my personal qualities, and transferable skills match me very well with the necessities of studying radiography.

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