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Research shows that there exists a relationship between stressful life events and poor academic performance among college students and there is a connection between health related quality of life and stress (Laurence, B. Williams, 2009). Because stress adversely affects psychological and physical health, undergraduate students reported that stress was the most common health factor impacting their academic performance (Chen,H.
Wong,Y. 2009) found that undergraduate students who reported heightened levels of stress had significantly more physical health problems and less satisfaction towards academic achievement compared to those reporting lower levels of stress. One model that is useful to study in understanding stress among students is the person
environment model (Laurence, B. Williams, 2009). According to this model, individuals can appraise stressful events as challenging or threatening. When students perceived their education as a challenge, stress can bring them a sense of competence and an increase capacity to learn. However, when education is perceived as a threat, stress can elicit feelings of hopelessness and a foreboding sense of loss, thus leading to lower academic achievement.

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