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Responsibility is guiding light of 7-Eleven Malaysia’s business strategy. As a leader in the Malaysian
convenience store chain industry, we demonstrate responsible corporate conduct across all aspects of our operations. Our conduct is as important as our reputation and we believe that growth and productivity are not to be achieved at the expense of responsibility.

We believe in leading responsibly and adding sustainable value to the communities in which we operate.Elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have run in the the veins of our company for a long time..Today, perhaps more than ever, the company recognized that there is a need to evolve our CSR program, Community Care further as we move forwards strengthening responsible behaviour in all our corporate,social and environmental matters.

Community Care is integral to our approach in walking the talk as a responsible corporate citizen. We define CSR as important processes coming together to produce an overall positive impact on society and stakeholders which encompasses every aspect of how we run our business, from appropriate marketing and consumer information to supporting Government programs, from respecting workplace human rights and reducing our environmental impact as well as contributing back to local communities.

Our Community Care program

7-Eleven Malaysia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program framework of Society, Workplace and Environment are our guiding lights as a responsible retailer.
1. Society
The Company believes in adding value to the communities in which it operates and ensuring it upholds high standards of behavior and integrity in everything that it undertakes. This extends from supporting pioneering causes by NGO’s to reaching out to communities in times of need, such as natural disasters.
7-Eleven Malaysia initiated the Semurni Kasih campaign back in year 2010. It has been held annually during the month of Ramadhan. 7-Eleven Malaysia has accumulated more than RM 2.6 million worth of gift essential items , including 2015 Semurni Kasih charity collection programme.
Store customers contributed by simply purchasing any necessities and dropping them into the collection box in all 7-Eleven outlets across Malaysia, and 7-Eleven Malaysia distributed the essential items collected to those in need.
2. Workplace
7-Eleven Malaysia works to create an environment where employees feel that they can speak honestly about their company and issues of importance to them through specifically created channels of communication, such as 7-Eleven Wiki’ and responds to them by providing a great place to work from aspects like learning and training to rewards.
3. Environment
The Company recognizes Quality, Health, Safety and Environment as some of the key elements that drive leadership and sustainability of its operations. 7-Eleven Malaysia aspires to actively minimize our environmental impacts by embarking on pilot programs such as LED energy efficient lightings and remaining steadfast in our support of other environmental programs such as No Plastic Bag weekends.

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