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Retail: Small shop that sell goods to the buyers companies who buy goods in large quantities to sell them with small quantities in small branches and shops.For
example super market, they buy allot of foods and produce it with required quantity.

Open source: programs or codes that aren’t owned by anyone, and can be used by
everyone. Like the internet, and Mozilla’s Firefox web browser.

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Mobile app: different apps that we can installed used in tablets, phones and iPad. For
example, the application, education apps, police app and games.

Mobile web app: the application that only we can installed from the browser to the phone or iPad such as Tablet, university websites.

Custom: It is a program for a specific employee, and the software is developed for the user or the companies, the specific institutions.This program is also used globally.
This type of program is used in companies and organisation to provide assistance and also take care of your needs and offer business proposal.

Web app: web app or web application is a Is a client-server computer program. The user works in the web browser and has many applications that are used like word processors, webmail .And other applications. All this is done online.

Shareware: It’s a software you can try for a limited period of time before you pay a fee, or pay a small amount to try it. If you only want the program you have to pay and register
 Once you pay, the program will work for you permanently

Freeware: It ‘s a free and paid software program unlike Shareware,You can use this
program for a web-based utility, desktop, mobile.

Public domain: is a software that has no legal and There are no ownership rights like Copyrights, and Without any conditions you can edit them and also it can be publicly
modified Without any restrictions. There are some examples of public domain softwares like CERN HTTPD, I2P, SQLite

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