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Significance of Climate Change

Climate change is the change in global climate patterns, attributed largely to the increased level of atmospheric carbon dioxide released into the environment .

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Climate change is a significant cause of concern for human race as climate change will alter our lives. I have chosen the sustainability issue of over dependence on petrol and diesel run vehicles since we are highly dependent on petrol/diesel run vehicles as a means of transportation. Thus, making it a crucial issue society will face. Dependence on vehicles that run on fossil fuel is not a sustainable idea as these vehicles emit carbon dioxide which is not environmentally friendly and causes of climate change . Therefore, proving to be an unsustainable means of transportation in the long run.

Carbon Dioxide is the second most harmful gas amongst the Greenhouse gases produced. It causes heat to be trapped in the atmosphere. Conventional vehicles that run on petrol and diesel burn fossil fuels ,emitting Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide produced from Vehicles contributes to 13% of the total amount of greenhouse gases. And almost 8% of the carbon emission comes from road transport. (Greenpeace, 2008)
(Give examples of how Petrol / diesel run cars cause climate change)

Ways Overdependence of Petrol and Diesel run vehicles affects the Electrical Engineering Industry

They will also have to work with professionals from different sectors to collaborate and come up with effective solutions. They are also pressured to meet the requirements of a invention, not to exceed the capped amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the industry.

Opportunities and Risks faced by the Electrical Engineering Industry due to Over dependence of Petrol and Diesel run vehicles

The increase in greenhouse gases emitted by conventional cars has pushed car manufacturers and the electrical industry to come up with ideas on how to reduce carbon dioxide emission. This increases the demand for electrical engineers to come up with more innovative ideas. However these measures may put pressure on engineers to overuse electricity in order to face these new demands

CONCLUSION: Proposed Recommendations and Solutions to cope with Overdependence of Petrol and Diesel run vehicles

One of the solutions that the electrical industry has come up with is the manufacture of Electrical Cars. Electrical cars are cheaper to maintain and it is environmentally friendly. Manufacturing of Conventional Petrol and Diesel run vehicles produces Carbon dioxide, equivalent to the Carbon Dioxide emitted by consumers. Which also means replacing one Conventional vehicle with one Electrical Car reduces twice the amount of Carbon dioxide produced by one car (production and Consumption) (Clark.D, 2010)

Energy conservation is the key factor for any government. Conserving energy in one part of therr


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