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Similarly, Markhayeva (2016) also explained that intense competition encourage bakery business to formulate strategic decision making to take actions for striving competitive positions in the marketplace and allows to ensure the development and effective management of an enterprise. Hence, analyzing over-all business environment is important since bakery business is characterized in the monopolistic competition, it is necessary to differentiate product produce from the typical bakery industry in orderto competelarge bakery industry effectively. By examining the SWOT analysis of the industry helps to strengthen the firms operations and resolve the intense competition, as a result the financial sustainability may be increased in the future.
Perreault et al. (2009) that competition comprises pure competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and monopolythat affects the business strategic decisions and profitability of the business as a whole. Thus, understanding and searching information the differences among these market situations are helpful in analyzing the competitive environment and how it behaves.

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