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Social media has effects on kids the amount of people that are in networks it is very to know how they are influenced by each other in many different ways. Humans need to network. It is one of the major sources of happiness and fulfillment. The more they interact (on so many different levels). When people start interacting with each other on social media it has a tremendous effect on each other and the discussions that come out of the networking experiences. It also has a major impact on what kind of life they will have within society. It is very important this day in age that people recognize them and appreciate how much people influence you them. It is important for us to know if sociology and techongley goes the fault lies within the people. Techongley is created by humans on the other side the people are the ones who deserve the credit when everything works out well. There are so many times people wonder how social media became so popular and why so many people have shown so much an interest in it. Without techongley there would be no social media in the beginning Teenagers buy things they need. Fashion paper covers show while taking care of also take up Social media is a chance to interact with people that they might not know all. Social platforms can also cause drama in people’s time. Too much social media can hurt people and it can make people look down on themselves. Teens will then not be part of the society they will hide out and not be themselves. Teens that spend too much time on their phones tend to be closed off and not spend time with friends or most important family. When teens get phones they should have a limit on their usage and how much time they can use the phone for that way it will give them time not closed off and so separate from the family or the real friends they have outside of the social media platform. Having limits set is a great thing will keep the kids off the phone especially when they have an important test coming up or finals or midterms. People that don’t set limits that have kids they will have a greater chance of having low self-esteem and they will have a greater chance at depression and not spend time with the real family that they have. People always say count your blessings and you should. But in this day in age you don’t know when your last day. They have all the media and that’s when they tend to get apart from their families and how teens tend to be more emotional then when they are not connected to their phones.

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