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Social Network Marketing
“Social network marketing is a way for businesses to interact with their target markets over the internet via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram” (Ward, 2018) Since these sites were first introduced they have attracted many users across the world, many of whom have applied using social networking sites into their daily routine. Social Network Marketing is part of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is an expression that describes the “Fundamental change in how we use the internet.”(reference). This is a more user friendly and interactive way to help users partake in using the internet through open applications.
Although there are sites listed above, there are hundreds of different sites with various technological differences that support a wide range of interests. Social networking cites are unique in the sense that they allow people to meet strangers, this can result in connections being made that may not have occurred however since the connection was made a new relationship may occur. Nevertheless, according to OnlineLibrary participants are not necessarily networking or using social media sites to meet new people. Instead they are primarily communicating with people who are part of their extended social networks (Ellsion & Boyde, 2007))
The expression of the site varies to what the user desires. For companies to market successfully over the internet they may utilise tools such as blogs, online videos, photo sharing, news sharing and also posts on social networking sites to reach a large audience. Figure.1 demonstrates online social media examples that members can use in order to utilise each tool mentioned.

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