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Speech recognition systems are used in different fields in our daily life. Due to the rapid advancement in this field all over the world we can see many systems and devices with voice input 1. Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition combinely form a speech interface. A speech synthesizer transforms text into speech, so it can read out the textual contents from the screen. Speech recognizer had the ability to find the spoken words and transform it into text. We require such software’s to be present for Indian languages.
Speech recognition in computer domain involves many steps with issues attached with them. The steps needed to make computers perform speech recognition are: Voice recording, word boundary detection, feature extraction, and recognition by using knowledge models.
The aim of the paper is to build a speech recognition tool for Marathi language, which is an isolated word speech recognition devices that uses Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) for Feature Extraction and Distance Time Warping (DTW) for Feature Matching or to compare the test patterns.
The popularly used cepstrum based techniques to check the pattern to find their similarity are the MFCC and DTW. The MATLAB is utilized for the implementation of MFCC and DTW attributes.

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