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Oman culture and Turkey culture

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Yousuf Hamdan Almamari

MCDR2101, Section 10
Instructor AbdulRaoof
November 28, 2016
Words count: 1,111

Every country has its own features, which make it special from other countries. Oman and Turkey have their own features including their religion believes, dress and foods…etc. Oman and Turkey are Muslim countries. They believe one only god whose Allah and believe in only two Eids, Al-adha Eid and Al-fiter Eid. In last years, the relationship among Oman and Turkey has improved and became better through social media and the communication. Omani and Turkish people are exchanging conversation, so the relationship will be improved between them. This essay will show the differences between Oman and Turkey.
There are many differences between Oman and Turkey. Firstly, Oman and Turkey different in clothing. Dress in both countries is related to their religion Islam. In Oman, for men, they have a national dress is an ankle-length with sleeves on head called Dishdasha. Although there are many colors including brown, black or red but Omani people prefer the white color of the Dishdasha. For women, the national dress includes a dress worn over trousers called Sirwal and headdress which covers the head called lihaf. Usually, Omani women dress is colorful and embroidered. Whereas, in Turkey, for men, the national dress consists of a jacket, a shirt, baggy trousers which was called "shalwar kameez", socks, headdress, and boots and shoes. For women, the national attire consists of baggy trousers, an apron, a skirt, a shirt, a jacket, a belt often it is colorful cloth, socks, a headdress and shoes.

Secondly, Oman and Turkey are different in official language. Oman Language is a great part of Omani culture. The main language of Oman is Arabic, but some of Omani people talk several native dialects like Baluchi and origin of this language is a western north of Iranian. On the contrary, also Turkey has main language which is Turkish. Turkey language has distinctive characteristics like the basic word order of Turkish is subject–object–verb. Turkish has no grammatical gender or noun classes.
Thirdly, Oman and Turkey are different in the food. Oman has its own traditional food like “Menemem “. It’s dish contain eggs, hot spices and vegetables. Also, it has “Falafel” which consisting of some of the herbs and legumes. You can find it in Oman like Kebabs. “Makboos” and “Aursi” are old foods in Oman. They consisted of rice chickens and two main components in these mails. Comparatively, also Turkey has old mails like ;Iskander kebab;. Iskender kebab consists of slices of meat and tomato sauce, and placed over the pieces of bread, also placed in this dish a little milk and slices of tomatoes and green peppers. Also, “Boric” pies baked pastries from the family, and can be made of various types of dough, as multiple types, the mismatch stuffed with cheese or meat or potatoes, spinach, usually served with a cup of Turkish tea well fermented.

Fourthly, Oman and Turkey are different in the nurseries. Oman is such as a good example in nurseries and has many of nurseries. But there are twenty-five as the best in Oman. For instance, Al Shomoukh Nursery has located in Muscat in Shatti Al Qurm. It offers many activities which goals to full learning, growth, discovery, fun and laughter. Also, Kids World Nursery is such as a good nursery in Oman. It provides good education before the children entering schools. The nursery makes children practice games and activities and learn which goals to stimulate them creativity, independent thinking self-confidence, and to help them develop, socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and physically. In connection with Turkey, it has many nurseries that have well trained teachers and teams to lead and channel the children to the correct way of their feature. For example, Kidsunlimited Maidstone Day Nursery offers naturally childcare for children who range ages 3 months to 5 years. The nursery is purpose built in quiet natural. Also, it has three large and secure outdoor gardens, play areas, nature zone for your child to explore and beach.

Omani people also like to do verbal communication during they have a conversation. Nonverbal communication like hands movement to them is not enough, language is a way that they cannot abandon it to deliver their message during the conversation. It’s important to know communication patterns and the habits of the country you are visiting. In Turkey, it is best to avoid speaking about the religion or politics in first meetings, because these topics are sensitive, so they require local knowledge. Language considered one of verbal communication and it is the main language of Turkey is Turkish and it is spoken by 63 million people in Turkey. Also, there are common languages with other countries spoken in Turkey like Arabic.
Omani people have special verbal communication when they communicate. Proxemics is an instance of nonverbal communication that they practice. It identifies how Omanis are close from each other when they talk. Each aria has its own culture because of different of culture. For example, Jalan and Sur people can touch each other with their hands without any problem. On the other hand, in modern areas like Muscat and Sohar, they like to create a distance. Because of nonverbal communication is important for Turks, they practice habits during they communicate with each other. For instance, It is hostile to step backwards if a Turk stand close to you, because they tend to stand close when speak. Also, if an old man entered the room, the people whose sitting must stand to express respect and reception. It is common among Turks that staring at when they talk the other not feel concerned.

Sometimes silence has more words which means it carries a lot of meanings depending on topic that people talking about. The language of silence and listening is a type of nonverbal communication directly between people. Also, it is varied from one character to another and from one environment to another environment and it will be the traditions recognizable to some countries and peoples. As we review the differences between the Turkish people and Omani in the language of silence and listening, the differences are: firstly, Turkish people have different habits in cases of silence depends on several positions but mean several things, including the strength of character he was, the shock of an unexpected position and thinking deep. Secondly, For the Omani people cases of silence it has also depended on several positions including a sign of satisfaction, acceptance and approval, the fear, and hide the truth. As for the language of listening, Turkish people are a good listener and listen well passionate, quick-witted, while the people of Oman is also a good listener, but it is realistic and logic away from emotions.

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