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Thailand’s retail market is highly competitive environment . In 2016, retail sales in Thailand had total of U.S. $88.2 billion, local competitors such as Villa Market Big C and Tesco Lotus are a big threat to Woolworths. They have more distribution channels and offered discounts, creating loyalty programs promotional events to encourage consumer purchases. Changing consumer habits have given many retailers opportunities to entry and expansion (Thailand Retail Foods 2017) . According to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory, unlike Australia the high level of Power distance in Thailand shows inequalities on purchasing behavior compared to Australia because the differences in their level income (Journ Hofstede Insights, 2018).. moreover, in a collectivist culture such Thailand have more loyalty in group and family especially when they make decision to buy the products, they share information, opinions and attitudes which could effect on consumer behavior and the performance of companies (Chachavalpongpun, 2014). furthermore, As feminine society, men and women share the shopping habits and responsibility, both of them tend do more household shopping more in basics and everyday needs. customer behavior (De Mooji & Hofstede 2011). Unlike Australia, Thailand has High level of Uncertainty Avoidance which means they reluctant to accept changing and prefer the places that they trust and know to avoid the risk (Berry, 2015).

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