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The commercial is about using Safeguard Soap to avoid the spread out of bacteria in the body. Safeguard Soap is a product of “Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company (P&G)”, a soap that has been tested and is registered in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it is also said to fight against germs to prevent infections, illness caused by different bacteria and body odor (Clean it Supply, 2011). Based on the advertisement, there is a certain family, the mother that picked up her husband from work and her son and daughter from school. She smelled the bad odor coming from her husband, she heard her daughter complained about her pimple and she noticed her that son is hurting from a stomach ache. She found out that the cause of these happenings may come from a bacteria, she then regarded to use Safeguard soap as prevention for the transmission of germs. The main purpose of this commercial is to advertise and encourage the people to use Safeguard simply because it is an antibacterial soap. This advertisement claims that Safeguard provides long lasting protection from germs that may cause pimples, body odor, and intestinal illness.
Firstly, the commercial claims that Safeguard can protect our skin from germs that may cause acne. The cause of acne is not totally understood, but it is mostly believed by doctors that acne is caused by hormones shifting during puberty and genetics might also be one of the reasons but it is tested and proven that germ interaction while oil is building up on our skin can worsen the acne (Safeguard PH, 2018). The commercial guarantees that when you regularly use Safeguard, acne appearance may lessen. This is possible because Safeguard has a Eucalyptus-infused formula that refreshes and cleans the skin. This formula is from Eucalyptus Oil obtained from dried Eucalyptus leaves and dried young twigs and thus, this is used because this kind of oil is easily absorbed by our skin (Mercola, 2016). Safeguard also has sufficient amount at the right pH level of Salicylic Acid that treats oily skin. This kind of acid gently separates the dead skin and burns down the fats in the skin, hence, preventing the build-up of acne (Facingacne, 2018). In the advertisement, the statement of regularly using Safeguard as a protection to the skin to prevent acne breakouts is actually a true statement.
Secondly, the commercial also claims that Safeguard can shield our skin from odor-causing germs. The odor does not come from sweat because sweat itself is odourless and scientist already found out what bacteria cause the odor, it is called Staphylococcus hominis (Andersen, 2015). Staphylococcus hominis can be found on human skin, it produces thioalcohol compound that is partly responsible for body odor, this compound contains carbon-bonded sulfhydryl (R–SH) that strongly smell like garlic or rotten eggs (Wikipedia, 2018). When the odourless sweat comes into contact with the Staphylococcus hominis, it produces the body odor. Safeguard is an antibacterial that contains antimicrobial agent that prevents or reduces the rapid growth of microbes. Plain soap partially removes bacteria but it does not put an end to the increasing growth of germs that are left on our skin, so using Safeguard an antibacterial soap is a lot better. This antibacterial soap prevents the bacteria to regrow and this improves personal hygiene because this shields the skin from bacteria that cause odor and skin infections (Cleaning Institute, 2018).
Lastly, the commercial claims that Safeguard can defend us from bacteria that cause stomach ache, an intestinal illness. Stomach pains can appear in the form of cramps, a dense ache, or a sudden pain. Usually, the stomach ache stops on its own, this pain can have many causes, for example, you might have indigestion or constipation, but stomach aches are commonly caused by bacteria that resulted from poor hygiene (Safeguard PH, 2018). These bacteria can be picked up in the form of germs on both your hand and body and this can produce lot of germs because they can multiply on skin and they are on every surface we touch that can transmit more germs on our skin. Safeguard, based on the advertisement, helps in preventing intestinal illness caused by bacteria. The best step to be disease-free is to prevent bacteria from entering our body. Prevention using a simple style but is often overlooked, it is to regularly wash our hands. Using this soap can minimize health risks because this antibacterial soap kills and controls the replication of germs on our skin (Safeguard PH, 2018). After washing your hands with antibacterial soap, there is a small amount of antibacterial that is left on your skin to inhibit the replication of germs.
With all assessments considered, I would prefer to recommend this Safeguard Family Germ Protection for everyone. This antibacterial soap product of Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company is dermatologically tested and is registered in Food and Drug Administration (Clean It Supply, 2011). I agree on using this antibacterial soap because this product is also to benefit and make your skin healthier by lessening the spreading of germs. It is proven to cause no harm on the skin as it is an alcohol, dyes, and fragrance-free (Safeguard, 2018). It gently cleanses the skin up to its roots and at the same time it does not cause skin irritation. Thus, as stated above, it Moreover, this is a respected product as it plays significant role to control bacteria that might cause various of illnesses. The first way to prevent disease is to give extra care in our personal hygiene, poor hygiene can double the production of bacteria’s growth rate. In order for this product to be effective, one should also take into consideration to use it properly and regularly to enable them to experience its benefits.

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