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The fact that radiation has a detrimental effect on human health is no longer a secret. When the radioactive radiation passes through the human body or when contaminated substances enter the body, the energy of the waves and particles is transferred to our tissues, and from them to the cells. As a result, the atoms and molecules that make up the body come to excitement, which leads to the violation of their activities and even death. Everything depends on the radiation dose received, the state of human health and the duration of the exposure.

For ionizing radiation, there are no barriers in the body, so any molecule can be exposed to radioactive effects, the consequences of which can be very diverse. Excitation of individual atoms can lead to the degeneration of some substances into others, cause biochemical shifts, genetic disorders, etc. Deficient can be proteins or fats, vital for normal cellular activity. Thus, radiation affects the body at the micro level, causing damage that is not immediately apparent, but manifests itself through many years. The defeat of individual groups of proteins in the cell can cause cancer , as well as genetic mutations, transmitted through several generations. The impact of small doses of radiation is very difficult to detect, because the effect of this is manifested in tens of years. The damage to radioactive elements and the effect of radiation on the human body are being actively studied by scientists around the world. It is proved that the daily emissions from the nuclear power plant contain the radionuclide “Cesium-137”, which when infiltrated into the human body causes sarcoma (a kind of cancer), “Strontium-90” replaces calcium in the bones and breast milk, which leads to leukemia (blood cancer) , bone and breast cancer. And even small doses of “Krypton-85” significantly increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

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Employees note that the greatest exposure to radiation are people living in large cities, because in addition to the natural radiation background they are still affected by building materials, food, air, contaminated objects. Constant excess over the natural radiation background leads to early aging, impaired vision and immune system, excessive psychological excitability, hypertension and the development of anomalies in children.

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