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The following report focuses on human resource management of the organization Dewa which is the public sector organization based on electricity water and cooling. The assignment focuses upon the HR department of the organization followed by the HR function and its objectives and gold with strategic planning. And also examines the internal and external environment of the organization using vi component model there by accessing the challenges faced by the organization. Moreover it also concentrates on the HR practices the policies and strategies of the organization for training and development and performance management of the employees in the organization for obtaining competitive advantage and profit ratio. It also makes its focus upon the application of HR balanced scorecard and designing a dashboard for the organizations merits of Human Resource there by calculating the absence rate, the cost per hire, turnover rate and turnover cost for the organization. It for that focuses upon the employee retention practice of the organization and analysing the ethical environment of the organization with the ethical human resource practices of the organization with necessary recommendations for improving the human resource strategy for obtaining the competitive advantage in the organization.

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