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The origin of urbanization started in ancient Mesopotamia in the Uruk period (4300-3100BCE) while the researchers have not agreed on it. Urbanization is a very common term that use in developed country and developing country. Urbanization is a process whereby people move from rural to urban region which result in increasing number of the population in towns and cities. For example, over the last ten years, the urban population in Malaysia has increased from around 68 percent in 2007 to 76 percent in 2017 and the population growth is expected to continue. 1 The reasons that the people migrate to urban area are due to available of easy transportation, industrial revolution, enormous job opportunities, hygiene, complete infrastructure, good health care, lack of resources and facilities in rural area and so on. Undeniable, the urbanization contributing to development of industrial and modernization. It also brings a huge impact on economic, technology and also sociology which boosts the grow of cities and converting from the rural and backward region to more advanced metropolitan pattern of organization. At the same time, many negative impacts presence as the outcome of urbanization. Migration of people from rural region to urban region which reduced the opportunities of work in the cities cause the crime increases. As more and more people move from the rural area to urban area, it cause all forms of pollution increase. Traffic congestion and deficiency of public transport also an issue that created by urbanization. Poverty of society can be seen obviously as the outcome of urbanization. Environmental issue like sanitation or hygiene problem in the cities caused by urbanization. However, there are also consist of many effective solutions to deal with problem that arise.

The crime rate increase due to the migration of people increase the population in the urban area. Overcrowding is a situation whereby a large amount of people who are living in a small area. Owing to accumulation of large amount people in cities or towns, the job opportunities cannot bear the rapid population growth of the people. This lead to unemployment rate increases. For example, the unemployment rate of Malaysia is increases from 3.00 in 2012 to 3.40 in 2017. 2 The people who are jobless do not have fixed income and facing adversity. In order to continue their life, they tend to do the criminal cases that go against the moral like selling drugs, trafficking population, kidnapping, stealing things and so on to get income. Thus, the people live in urban area will suffer from high crime rates and own security is threatened.

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