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The person speaking may not have been speaking clearly or might have assumed that the individual was listening and heard what they have said but they may have been distracted. The person speaking may have used inappropriate communication aids and a language that the individual is unfamiliar with. This can lead to people making assumptions and jumping to conclusions.
Aggression – an individual can become aggressive towards another person for many reasons, some of which are: if someone does something or says something to them that they don’t like or agree with or if they have misinterpreted or misunderstood a conversation then their behaviour can change. Their behaviour can become unpleasant, frightening or intimidating and can be put across in a variety of ways such as: physical, mental or verbal. Aggression is both a form of communication but it is also a barrier to communication. If an individual is annoyed, frustrated or irritated the person they are providing a service for may feel dominated, threatened and unable to respond. This will lead to a poorer service being offered due to the breakdown in effective communication.

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