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The photographer and a sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy works with nature and as well as in nature itself. He rearranges its natural form to enhance rather than reduce its beauty. He usually creates sculptures out of the environment he is working in- stones, snow, leaves, sticks, driftwood, and icicles. Hence, limited to time and space. Finally he would photograph his work before it collapses, washed away, melts or rather transformed (Claire, 2003).
Nature is Goldsworthy most important material in his work. He works with nature and tries to explain that nature is an essential partner in his work. He also underlines that human beings are not just part of nature but an inflexible part of it. As a hands-on sculptor his purpose dwells on the time he spends on a piece (the process). He goes on to explain that through touching and making using nature comes a deeper understanding of the circle of life and our purpose in nature.

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