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The primary reason behind the 2000 Election Controversy, was the results of the misleading wrong count of votes in allowing for George Bush to win verses Al Gore who had the highest vote total especially in Florida. The election was all in favor of Al Gore to win for presidency but instead George Bush took the position of president for the year 2000. Overall the U.S. Supreme Court defended George Bush winning by canceling a manual recount. The manual recount was requested in Florida state four counties by the Gore campaign,
If I oversaw the Gore or Bush campaign, I would have pressed the case on my side by ordering the manual recount in Florida state. Being that everyone vote does matter no matter if there’s minorities involved there shouldn’t be any excuse as if why minorities vote got canceled out. Although the manual recount was taking a lot of time making it close to the deadline, I would have also extended the campaign deadline. All because the citizen in the United States matter and their votes are important, I will have to reassure that the campaign must follow protocols regardless of the matter.
One of the many ways that this problem can be resolve in the future is by not canceling any votes. I would have tallies on the public screen television so for each vote it will show which one got the vote. This will save time being that we are getting into an advance technology a manual recount won’t be necessary, just because there is a screen for the public viewers to see who’s getting the vote per each registered voter. I can understand that these things are under discretion but for every group of ten people who vote the public TV screen would show how many voted for each future president and vice president.

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