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The proposed working mechanism as follows step wise. The proposed AggBE scheme offers efficient encryption/decryption and short ciphertexts. Only one round is required to establish the public group encryption key and set up the ConBE system.

Step-1: In our scheme, it is almost free of cost for a sender to exclude a group member by deleting the public key of the member from the public key chain.

Step-2: To enroll a user as a new member by inserting that user’s public key into the proper position of the public key chain of the receivers.

Step-3: After the deletion/addition of certain member, a new logical public-key ring naturally forms.

Step-4: If the sender would like to include a new member, the sender just needs to retrieve the public key of this user and insert it into the public key chain of the current receiver set.

Step-5: By repeatedly invoking the member addition operation, a sender can merge two receiver sets into a single group.

Step-6: By repeatedly invoking the member deletion operation, a sender can partition one receiver set into two groups.

Step-7: In this module shows the deletion of member from the receiver group. Then, the sender and the remaining receivers need to apply this change to their subsequent encryption and decryption procedures.

The below diagram shows that workflow of the proposed system for Contributory Broadcast Encryption using Group Key Management.

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