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The psychosocial work environment underlines the conditions for the employees which the organizational conditions for their work and relationships between employees and managers (Tuvesson & Eklund & Wann-Hansson, 2012). Psychosocial working environment contribute to employees’ health and well-being in organization (Borritz et al. ; Christensen et al., 2005).Psychologists have realized that physical workplace factors have effects on employee satisfaction and productivity (Gifford, 2002).
It also essential for explored how these factors of perceived stress associated among employees. These have ways to strengthen the working conditions for employees (Tuvesson ; Eklund ; Wann-Hansson, 2011). There are many possible angles from which to explore the psychosocial work environment in relation to performance, psychological distress, and physical well-being (Schele ; Hedman ; Hammarstrom, 2012). The psychosocial work environment is important for the staffs’ job satisfaction (Severinsson & Hummelvoll, 2001) and related to stress (Jenkins & Elliot, 2004).
In unfavourable psychosocial work environment, the opportunity of the job market has been determine as an important indicator of employees’ turnover intention (Hayes, 2006). In some countries seen a speedy full development in aspect of economic and socio-political transformation, employees’ high levels of work stress shown a low probability of intention to leave. This finding is due to a lack of job opportunity, thus leaving their professional has been locked (Li et al., 2011). Therefore, the influence of professional labour market factors on turnover intention has not been concerning (Muhonen, 2010).
An optimal psychosocial work environment is characterized by physical demands that are adapted to an individual’s ability, adequate support from colleagues and supervisors, balance between efforts and reward, predictability of work, meaning of work, and interaction with customers (Karasek ; Theorell 1990; Siegrist 1996; Kristensen 1999).

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