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The purpose of this UN SDG is to reduce the risk of disaster in more unsafe regions, such as landlocked countries and island states. To do so, adapting to climate changes must go together with the efforts of integrating disaster risk measures into national strategies. The ultimate aim is to stop the increase in global mean temperature to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
This is because every country is experiencing climatic changes, be it increases in temperature, sea level rising, an increase in the number of natural disasters. If we continue to ignore climatic changes, it threatens irreversible changes. It will also affect many other aspects such as the national economy, lives and communities.

2. Discuss current plans to implement the goal(how is the united nations going to help climate actions)
The UN has urge countries to make efforts to reduce the threat of climate change. In which on 12 December 2015, many countries signed the Paris Agreement at COP21 to keep the global temperature rise to at least below 2 degrees Celsius or 1.5 degrees Celsius if plausible. However, it was not until two years later that leaders from governments, cities, states, business, and others gathered from 6 November to 18 November at COP23 to implement and quicken climatic actions to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. These goals that they plan to achieve are to take preventive measures against climate-related hazards and natural disasters for all countries by strengthening tolerance and enhancing the country’s ability to adapt to environmental change; implementing climate change measures into national policies, strategies, and planning; spreading awareness through education, and increase adaptation; developed-country parties have to carry out plans for climate change according to the United Nations Framework Convention to help developing countries; and raising awareness of mechanisms of climate management for less developed countries.
For the Maldives, the government plans to launch a sovereign fund to create the underwater cabinet meeting which will raise the awareness of the global community to the stark reality that many islands are facing. The government is also trying to reclaim island and seeking natural growth of coral islands to help.

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Discuss challenges the goal faces (any specific country-E.g Maldives, Singapore) – Find articles
As much as the goals are planned, there are still some challenges that is still hindering Maldives from moving towards the goals.
One of the challenges is that tsunami continues to affect the country for many years. The tsunami reconstruction is being addressed during regional development in order to help Maldives government to promote larger, safer and sustainable island.
The second challenge is that Maldives is too small as a whole to do big changes. They need the help of other countries or state to help them achieve the ultimate goal which is lowering the global mean temperature by 2 degrees. Hence they need to involve other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to carry out the plans to tackle the coastal sustainability.

Select one goal for your group to act upon
The goal that UN will act upon is to Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.- Selected Goal
Education is an essential aspect of enhancing global response to climate change. It helps the younger generations to understand the importance of the impact in global warming which encourages in changing their attitudes and behaviour, helping them to familiarize with the climate change-related trends.
According to UNESCO, they aim to make climate change education a more fundamental and visible part of the international response to climate change.
The programme aims to help younger people to understand the importance of global warming in today’s world which helps to increase the “climate literacy” among the younger generations. It does this by reinforcing the accommodation of its Member States. Providing an aspect of climate changes for education; encouraging the contemporary teaching which approaches to harmonize the climate changes in education in school and by raising the consciousness about climate change as well as enhancing non-formal education programmes through media, networking and partnerships.

Proposed Solution (What is the solution/suggests)
The solutions that the UN SDG have come up with was to start tackling from the national policies, educations, awareness raising, adaptation and impact reductions of the climate change. In order for these plans to be executed without fail, UN SDG has sought cooperation and active participation from almost all countries to join in the fight against Global warming. organisations solution
The Maldives came up with Geoengineering projects to fight climate change. The purpose of this plan is to rent out parts of the island and earn a profit. From the profit generated, it is then used to purchase new islands which are more flood-resistant to accommodate the current population in the Maldives. Currently, there is one City of Hope being constructed on an island near the capital Male, named Hulhumale. By building this island, tonne of sand were filled on the reefs surrounding the lagoon. The island is also barricaded with 3-metres tall walls to prevent future sea level rises. However, the island is still far from completion. It is estimated that the construction will be finished by 2023 and it can hold up to 130.000 people. Nonetheless, the Maldives government had also negotiated with Saudi Arabia to rent their land, Faafu Atoll, for 99 years which consists of 23 islands for development. country’s solution
Dauenhauer, N. (2018). On front line of climate change as Maldives fights rising seas. Retrieved from
The second proposed solution was by Ali Rilwan from the NGO Bluepeace says:”
“We’re proposing big islands which are built up to three metres high in seven different parts of the country, that will be enough for the entire population of 300,000 people.”
This is done so that if the people who do not bear to leave the country and become a climate refugees will be able to live at higher grounds without being affected.
With a defence system came out for the country as a backup plan was the natural defence system -the coral reefs.
Due to a decade ago most of the coral in the Maldives was abolished by a sudden rise in the sea temperatures caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon.
But there is now a small confidential marine research centres whereby many of them based at luxury resort islands by re-growing coral, trying to understand more about its role in protecting the ecosystem as the natural reef of the country has been protecting the island due to the reef rising the island, and a lagoon between the reef and the beach, causing the island to not be affected by the sea water rise.

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