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The removal of as much brand information as possible from cigarette packs is essential to reduce positive associations between adolescents with cigarette brands. In addition, the size of pictorial health threats increases the positive perception of those who are more likely to become regular addicted adult smokers. (Germain, 2010).
The perceptions of the risk of smoking follow the predicted trends given the age gaps in the acquired health records and the differences in smoking data. High – Risk opinions are larger as you move to cohorts of younger age, where the overall risk of lung cancer is significantly overstated. These perceptions of such danger have a negative effect on smoking decisions when younger people do not differ in their way of incorporating risk perceptions all into their smoking choices. (Viscusi, 1991).
The reaction to differences of opinion about the degree at which smokers acknowledge the maximum danger of smoking – induced disease has been attempted to evaluate all columns that have investigated the perceptions of smokers ‘ risk.

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