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The sample passenger will be included from all the bus depots of Sangli division of MSRTC. Priority will be given to equal representation of the passengers from all the bus depots. All the eleven bus depots will be covered in this study, from these bus depots 30 passengers from each bus depots will be selected for the study. It means in total 330 passenger will be analyzed.
1.10.3 Data Analysis:
The data would be analyzed by using different techniques and statistical tools. The present researcher will select suitable statistical tools like percentage, correlation, regression, standard deviation and suitable statistical tools used for the study.
1.10.4 Parameters:
The following parameters will be used for the analysis of data:
A Towards Environment-
1 Pollution reduction
2 Resource consumption &
3 Energy efficiency
B Towards Customers-
1 Fair price
2 Comfortable
3 Attractiveness of services
4 Proper information
5 Timeliness
C Towards Employee-
1 Job satisfaction
2 Fair salaries & benefits
3 Quality of work life
4 Healthy and safety
5 Employee skills and training development
D Towards Government-
1 Payment of taxes
2 Implementation of policies
3 Maintain law & security
E Towards Society-
1 Employment generation
2 Welfare services

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