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“The Stolen Party” – Liliana Heker

Predictions: Consider the title. What do you think this story could be about?
I believe this story may be about a party that metaphorically gets taken away from one of the main characters. Either through someone stealing the attention or simply being the part doesn’t end up being what it was supposed to be.

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The conflict between mother and daughter – shown in blue
Indications of Rosaura’s attitude – shown in black
The conflicts at the party – shown in gold
Rosaura reactions at the party- shown in silver
Details that convey Rosaura’s feelings at the party – shown in red
Rosaura’s reaction at the end of the party – shown in purple

B) the narrative point of view of this story is third person limited. We are able to understand Rosaura’s perspective, but we aren’t able to see inside anyone else’s mind.

C) Unfamiliar vocabulary – shown on text in highlighter

D) One of the analogies Liliana Heker uses in this story is the monkey that the magician has. I believe it represents that Herminia and Rosaura are trapped in their social classes, just like how the monkey is trapped in the cage. The monkey also has to obey the magician, just as Herminia has to obey seroma lines. This helps us further understand the extent to which Hermina and Rosaura are. trapped in their social classes. The magician also calls the monkey “partner” just as Luciana calls Rosaura a friend, but in reality, they are only there to obey.

E) Identify the signifigance of the following symbols:
Monkey: the monkey represents how Hermina and Rosaura are trapped and have to obey their master.
Magician: the magician represents Senora Ines, who has power over Hermina (monkey). This also represents how senora ines takes advantage of rosaura, just like the magician and the monkey
The blonde girl with the bow in her hair: is to remind Rosaura that she does not belong there as the bow girl claims to know all of Luciana friends, this shows that Rosaura is not actually a friend to her.
Bracelet: the bracelet represents the life Rosaura will never be able to live because she is stuck in her social class and will not likely receive the same treatment as others.
Yo-yo: the yo-yo may represent Rosaura’s bigger dreams, because she prefers the yo-yo over the bracelet, but doesn’t end up receiving either. It may also represent her high hopes, which are reasonable given she is characterized as a naive child.
Two bills: the two bills are the most obvious reminder of rosaura never ebing more than the maid’s daughter. It proves her status as a maid, and not a guest at the party.

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