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The theories and models on group work practice have a significance, by influencing the structure, and how a group works in collaboration, analysing outcome based practice, and how this is facilitated into groups and how this influences practice carried out by groups, and how they work in harmony to achieve the same goals, by the studying and applying of processes, there needs to be a mutual understanding and respect between the group and leader, where members are engaged with each other, and are integrated, giving to a sound environment, so the group can work as a whole. dysfunction between a group could mitigate through no mutuality only input, from the leader and not from the rest of the group, a leader that has autocratic and non- responsive leadership style. on analysing the initial stages of group development, in a group’s evolution they generally pass through a standardized sequence. the characteristics of the models emphasize that groups proceed through five distinct stages (Tuckman ; Jenson 1977, pg.419-427).

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